You can now create a new sub-wallet via TrustVaultWeb. If you are unsure on the difference between wallets and sub-wallets, this article may help.


  • Log in to TrustVaultWeb using your email and PIN
  • Your existing sub-wallets will load as below
  • Click on the "+ Create SubWallet" button
  • The dialog below will appear
  • Select the Wallet that this new sub-wallet will be added to by using the drop down
  • If you only have a single wallet you will not be able to select anything else
  • Remember: The wallet defines the policy (who can sign a transaction), so select the wallet that matches your signing requirements.
  • Please reach out the [email protected] if you cannot remember the policies defined in each wallet
  • Click "Create Sub-Wallet" and if all goes well your new sub-wallet will appear and be active immediately

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