We check your balance twice daily and at the end of the month we average those values to give us an overall asset under key (AuK) figure for your account. Transactions are cumulative for the monthly period.

For example:

In July your average AuK with Trustology are £250 and you have not carried out more than 5 transactions during that period, you will not be charged. If during the following month your assets have increased in value or you have added to your assets, as long as they are below £500 you will be charged £2.00 at the start of the following month. The benefit to you is that these assets are now insured!

Our free plans for Personal Users allows up to £250 of AuK and 5 transfers in and out of your wallets. The next tier is the Genesis tier which is an insured product for AuK up to £500 and allows you to carry out up to 10 transfers per month. Finally the Genesis+ tier is for assets up to £2,000. Once you exceed this tier, we will be in touch to create a bespoke, insured, product price for you.

Both our Personal and Business pricing can be found here

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