Before you get started, make sure to disable any existing MetaMask extension in Chrome.

  1. Add the TrustVault MetaMask extension from within the Chrome extensions

  2. You need to create a a MetaMask account
    TrustVault with MetaMask is based on MetaMask and as such we require you to create or use a MetaMask account. This account is not part of your TrustVault Account. If you lose your seed phrase, MetaMask accounts are not recoverable unlike Trustology Accounts.

3.  In the next screen you will see your MetaMask account. Click on your identicon and Connect to TrustVault to now add your TrustVault accounts 

5. Next, login by using the Email Address you signed up to TrustVault with and the pin you set. These are the same credentials that you use in your TrustVault app. 

11. If you click again on the top right corner you will be able to see your TrustVault Ethereum accounts. Simply click on one to select it.

13. You can now use any decentralised application that supports MetaMask! 

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